Are you having outdoor events? Go for the OUTDOOR-PAR 14 RGB. This par contains fourteen 3 Watt RGB LED modules and has a sturdy aluminum IP65 certified housing. The housing is connected by special IP65 power- and DMX cables, which guarantee proper functioning in all types of weather. It is controllable by DMX in two 3-channel modes (RGB and HSV), as well as 4-, 5- and 10-channel modes.

Wil je zekerheid bij buiten evenementen? Kies dan voor de OUTDOOR-PAR 14 RGB. Deze par is voorzien van veertien 3Watt RGB LED modules met een perfecte dimcurve en geavanceerde lenstechnologie. De aluminium behuizing heeft speciale IP65 voedings- en DMX-kabels, waardoor je gegarandeerd alle weertypes aan kunt. Hij is geheel aan te sturen via DMX in 2 3-kanaals (RGB, HSV), 4, 5 en 10-kanaals modus.


  • Light Source: 14*3W 3 in 1 RGB LED
  • Beam angle: 25°
  • Life Time: 80.000 hours
  • Material: Aluminium body
  • 3, 4, 5 or 10 channel DMX-512 LED wash light (with ID addressing)
  • Operating modes
  • 3 channel: RGB control
  • 3 channel: HSV control (hue, saturation and value)
  • 4 channel: dimmer, RGB
  • 5 channel: dimmer, RGB, strobe
  • 10 channel: dimmer, RGB, Color change, strobe, auto/custom program, auto speed, dimmer speed RGB color mixing, ID
  • Operation Mode: DMX 512, Manual, Sound, Internal program
  • Power rating: IP65
  • Power consumption: 55W
  • Voltage 110V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power supply: Built-in and auto switching
  • Size: 230x165x300mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 4.5 kg