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Step into the world of cutting-edge lighting simulation with DRAW-UP, the real-time 3D viewer lighting control software. Seamlessly integrating with LED-UP and LIGHT-UP, DRAW-UP offers a free and user-friendly 3D lighting experience on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms. Witness the magic of LED, beam, wash, spot, and laser effects as they come to life in real-time, rendering light shows based on the DMX patch from LED-UP or LIGHT-UP software.

Creating virtual stage sets is made simple by powerful tools like the automatic truss assembler and rapid truss assembly using the integrated truss library. Enjoy the ability to view any DMX lighting effect, including LED Matrix, Wall Wash, and others, in 360-degree, three-axes (XYZ), and zoom views. With DRAW-UP, the best 3D simulation lighting control software, you can capture entire settings from different camera angles and explore countless lighting options.

  • 360 degrees, 3 axes (XYZ) and Zoom

  • 100% Windows and MAC OS compatible

  • Real Time 3D viewer and simulation lighting control software

  • Ethernet and IP network communication (LAN)

  • Quick truss construction with included truss library

  • Automatic Truss assembler and Stage builder included

  • Intuitive user-friendly interface

  • Visualize any DMX lighting effects:

  • Laser, Beam, Spot, Wash, LED Matrix, Wall Wash, and more…

  • Import 3D object files (.OBJ + .DAE)

  • Simple object builder included

  • Load custom fixture patches

  • Indoor and Outdoor project visualization

  • Multiple camera views and positions

  • Record a complete scenario from various camera positions with our 3D DMX control software

  • Included free with LED-UP V.1.5.0+ and LIGHT-UP V.1.3.0+ lighting control

  • Connecting to a Chromateq software Patch to include fixtures

  • Full mode available also in Demo mode

  • Full effect rendering (Beam, Wash, Laser, LED, etc…)

A powerful 3D lighting software tool included with Studio DMX that facilitates easy and automatic assembly of all types of standard square stage trussing. Create any stage quickly with the truss element library.

  • Magnetic truss elements align and combine perfectly

  • Up to 14 types of standard truss (including junctions, bases, quarter-circles)

  • Rotate truss elements with a right click