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LIGHT-UP Pro is the pinnacle of lighting control software, tailored for lighting professionals seeking advanced features and precision in their craft. This multimedia platform provides precise lighting, video, and audio timeline synchronization and is intended for live performances, stage lighting, sound-to-light shows, and sophisticated architectural projects. LIGHT-UP Pro offers unrivaled versatility and control because to its extensive real-time live commands and controls.

Experience the ease of a live control button layout that is highly configurable, enabling users to set up interfaces for interactive permanent installations and live events. With LIGHT-UP Pro, ordinary DMX lighting consoles may be easily replaced with systems that integrate seamlessly. Its timeline facilities make it possible to synchronize audio, video, and lighting with ease, and it makes it simple to build sound-to-light performances, maximizing the abilities of lighting designers. Elevate your performances with LIGHT-UP Pro, the ultimate software for lighting pros to create captivating and unforgettable displays.

  • Instant realtime control of all fixtures in Live mode

  • Auto-generates multiple DMX Effects based on fixture profiles

  • Scene Fading tool with automatic and customizable fade settings

  • Global Effects can be applied instantly to different type of fixtures

  • Customizable control sliders with selective fixture management

  • Edit Scenes in realtime whether DMX is “On” or “Off”

  • Multiple tabs for creating and organizing scene buttons

  • Multiple tabs for creating and organizing fixture groups

  • Play multiple sequences, programs and channels simultaneously

  • Video and Audio Player included

  • Audio and Video Timeline for sound-to-light synchronization

  • Triggers and software control via Keyboard, MIDI and DMX

  • Audio Source Analysis syncs light shows with musical beat

  • Audio Triggers on channels, scenes and effects

  • Can play GIF and AVI animations on the LED Matrix

  • Video Timeline displays AVI, JPG, BMP, and PNG files

  • LIGHT-UP analyzes the fixture profiles in a new project and automatically generates a variety of DMX effects

  • Instantly created Pan/Tilt, RGBW, Dimmer and Shutter effects buttons enable the user to quickly begin programming a show

  • Auto-generated effects are global and can be applied to various fixture selections and groups based on the fixture profile

Select the fixtures (or call up a fixture group with a keyboard shortcut or MIDI). Choose the DMX values from the Preset or Channel controls. Fixtures will respond instantly as values are immediately applied.