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With its adaptable interface for live performances, fixed installations, and stand-alone operation, LIGHT-UP Pro innovates lighting control. It offers a user-friendly and sophisticated solution for any lighting project and can be seamlessly integrated into scalable control systems or used independently without a computer.

LIGHT-UP Pro gives you unrivaled control and flexibility with 512 DMX channels directly from the controller and 4 x 512 DMX outputs via Art-Net. Lighting displays that are compelling and dynamic are made possible by the rich effect generator for moving heads and pixel controllers and the built-in timeline for timecoded shows up to 30 minutes. With LIGHT-UP Pro, your go-to tool for amazing lighting experiences, discover the ideal balance of elegance and efficiency.

Direct DMX output
Button to easily trigger the next scene
Mini USB for a reliable and fast connection

1 DMX univers direct out + 4 universes over Art-Net

Direct DMX output

Build to last


  • Input USB 2.0 via Mini USB

  • Number of DMX Outputs: Up to 512 (PC + Stand Alone) on 3 pin XLR (XLR5 optional)

  • DMX Speed: 1 to 45 Hz, MaB, Bk

  • Stand Alone Mode: Yes, 512 channels, fine DMX channels (16 bits)

  • Internal Memory: Yes (40 Kb)

  • Memory Capacity: 2600 steps with 16 ch., 325 steps with 128 ch., 182 steps with 256 ch., h 76 steps with 512 ch.

  • Infra-red Receiver: Yes (IR remote control for triggers)

  • Infra-red Options: 10 scene selection, scene speed, general dimmer and next scene

  • Dry Contact Triggers: Yes (4 contacts port)

  • Next Scene Trigger Button: Yes

  • Power Supply Input: 5V via USB

  • High voltage Protection: Yes

  • Housing: Strong Aluminum

  • Infrared remote: No

  • Usb Mode: Yes

  • Display of signal states: USB LED

  • Power: 2W

  • CPU’s technology: 32 bits

  • Dimensions: H: 48 mm (1,89 in) / W: 70 mm (2,76 in) / D: 89 mm (3,5 in)

  • Weight: 0.16 Kgs

  • Package total weight: 0.34 Kgs

  • Colors: Blue, Black

  • IP rating: IP20

  • Compatibility: 8 and 16 bits DMX fixtures

  • Operating Temperature range: – 25 to +70 C°

  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, Fcc

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