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Discover the simplicity and strength of LED-UP, the intuitive standalone lighting control software. LED-UP features an easy-to-use interface that even individuals unfamiliar with DMX or professional lighting can grasp in a matter of minutes.

Don’t be deceived by its apparent simplicity; LED-UP is a powerhouse of features. With the ability to program and configure standalone devices, it offers simple-to-use control solutions for a variety of projects. LED-UP provides a wide range of lighting management choices. These include the Editor mode for scene programming, Effect-generator for Colors and Pan/Tilt movement, Graphical DMX addressing, Profile Editor, Advanced Matrix Editor, and more.

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and with free updates, LED-UP is the ultimate lighting control software. Take advantage of sophisticated DMX tools, remote control using the Wi-Light 2 mobile app, and scene saving for convenience. Unleash the power of illumination at your fingertips with LED-UP.

  • User-friendly Editor mode to program scenes

  • Effect-generator for Colors and Pan/Tilt (X/Y) movement

  • Graphical DMX addressing for 128 DMX Universes via the Patch

  • Profile Editor, with more than 7,000 existing library files

  • Advanced Matrix Editor to allow all LED pixel configurations

  • Save scenes / trigger sequences to Stand Alone device memory

  • Live Board with powerful features for live playback and triggers

  • Compatibility with 32/64 bit systems Windows, Mac Os X, Linux

  • LED-UP has free updates that include latest firmware upgrades

  • Advanced DMX tools (DMX signal speed, allocate universes)

  • Remote control of Live Board via the Wi-Light 2 mobile app

  • Chronological scheduling of scene playback by time & date

  • Timeline graphical display of all calendar-based triggers

  • Allocate output universes and assign channels

  • Set/reset current time & date of stand alone device clock

  • Assign triggers to stand alone interface panel push buttons

  • Infrared remote and external contact trigger I/O configuration

  • Calendar scheduling by minute, hour, date, weekday and month

  • Default start scene configuration and behavior options

  • Synchronize up to 64 stand alone devices in master/slave mode

  • Visual simulation of RGB (W/A/Y) and Dimmer Intensities

  • Graphical fixture display for easy organization and selection

  • Fixture functions displayed with a list of convenient presets

  • Automatic or manual management of RGB (W/A/Y) values

  • Cross Fade time setting between Programs and Scenes

  • 16-bit and fine DMX channel management

  • F1 to F12 Function key selection of defined fixture groups

  • Channel and Preset modes for simplified fixture control

  • Real time visualization of DMX output on 128 universes.

  • With LED-UP you can add live control options via Mouse, Keyboard, DMX IN & MIDI

  • Multiple Program Triggers with latest priority management

  • Plays multiple Program buttons at the same time

  • Customizable graphic layout enables easy touch operation

  • Scenes can start audio files for sound/music playback

  • Shortcut control of Color, Dimmer, Speed, Blackout, Pause

  • Perform live commands via keyboard shortcuts, MIDI and DMX

  • LED-UP lighting software includes Studio DMX.

  • Windows and Mac compatible realtime 3D viewer/simulator

  • Intuitive user-friendly visualization software

  • Renders beam, spot, wash, laser, LED & many other effects:

    Gobo, double Gobo, gobo Indexing and Rotation

    x10 Prism, Focus, Iris, Zoom, Dimmer, Shutter, Effects

    Colors, RGB, CMY, Frost, Laser beams & dots

  • Automatic truss assembler and stage builder feature

  • Full Mode activated when connected to a DMX control device