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The ultimate DIN-mounted DMX controller, LIGHT-UP DIN Pro, transforms lighting control. This powerful device, which offers a robust Stand Alone mode and a variety of trigger options including RS232, Contacts, Clock, NODE x4 ports, and Master/Slave on LAN, is ideal for architectural installations and major integration projects.

LIGHT-UP DIN Pro enables smooth integration and accurate management of your lighting setup with i/O triggers, WAN/LAN ports, and 4 outputs to control distinct worlds. Discover the ease of Stand Alone mode, controlling 4 universes via 4 ports NODE. LIGHT-UP DIN Pro is the clever and adaptable solution for all your lighting control needs because to its sleek and compact structure, which is simple to operate and integrate.

i/O triggers
WAN/LAN connectors
4 outputs to control seperate universes

Stand Alone 4 universes / 4 ports NODE

Multi purpose controllable and operations

Slim format easy to integrate


  • Connectors USB-C, Screw terminal (2×9+2×6 pins) Ethernet and RJ45 (External contact x12, Master/Slave, Infrared, Light Sensor, 5S232 in/out)

  • DMX lines Up to 4 x 512 channels 8 and 16-bit DMX channels

  • Internal memory yes, 4MB (no SD card required)

  • Internal memory capacity 20000 steps with 16 hp., 6000 steps with 512 hp., 3000 steps with 1024 hp.

  • External memory Micro SD card (accepts FAT, FAT 32, Class 10 SD card up to 256 GB)

  • CPU 32-bit processor

  • Power supply 5V to 24V DC, 0.2A/5V via USB-C

  • Power / Consumption 0.3 ~ 0.5 W

  • IP rating IP20

  • Dimensions (mm) H: 106 mm, W: 90 mm, D: 59 mm (pcb: 103/87/19)

  • Net weight (device) 170 Gr. (0.37 lbs)

  • Gross weight (full cost) 0.3 Kgs (0.66 lbs)

  • High voltage protection Yes, fuses and diodes

  • Color Beige

  • Environment of use Interior

  • Storage Store dry

  • Temperature of use – 25 to +70 C°

  • Certifications CE, RoHS

  • Compatibility of systems Windows (7 and higher), MAC OS X (10.13 and higher) and Linux (64 Bits, Debian, Redhat, Archlinux, Raspberry Pi)

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