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Our brand new lighting control software

LIGHT-IT 2 is a powerful new lighting control software featuring two programming modes in a single application. PRO mode with advanced features for live performances, stage lighting, sound-to-light shows and complex architectural installations. PLAYER mode with a simple interface ideal for novice users and for easily programming small projects. Unleash your imagination and creativity without limitation.

Our new LIGHT-IT lighting control software is compatible only with interfaces from 2020 and later ones.

New Design

LIGHT-IT as an updated graphical user interface with a sleek dark skin and the flexibility to create a highly customized lighting control system.

New Options

Lighting + Video + Audio Timeline multi synchronization, realtime live commands and customizable controls, and much more.


Powerful and intuitive mobile APP integration that enables remote lighting control via WiFi connection over LAN and Internet.​

Customizable windows

Organize your programming space according to your preferences, resizing and arranging windows according to your project priorities.

Customizable Live Board

Directly add color pickers, pan/tilt, custom cursors, live commands and configure default controls.

Multi layer effects

In LIGHT-IT you can combine multiple effect layers to easily generate stunning graphic effects. Apply a variety of filter effects to individual layers such as RGB colours, Pan/Tilt, Curves, Negative, Invert, and more.

CCT/White Balance

Dedicated picker control and precision CCT tool for warm/cool white management of Amber/White fixtures. Accurately calibrate Kelvin values to dial in desired white color temperatures.