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LIGHT-UP Standalone Pro

With the LIGHT-UP Standalone Pro, the ultimate 6-in-1 multiprotocol device created for smooth control of complex lightshows, unleash the power of lighting. This flexible tool is the go-to choice for lighting projects, live performances, and installations of all sizes because it has DMX playback, DMX In/Out, Art-Net Out, sACN Out, Node (Art-Net to DMX decoder), and Splitter capabilities.

Utilize the LIGHT-UP Standalone Pro to streamline your lightshow operations. The controller’s internal memory, which is extensible with an SD card slot and has a capacity of 4mb (4000 steps), may be programmed on a computer to create your captivating displays. Users of any skill level may easily manage the lightshow thanks to its 8 pre-set buttons, which start a continuous symphony of light and color. With the LIGHT-UP Standalone Pro, your go-to tool for crafting memorable lighting experiences, you’ll enjoy precision, adaptability, and control like no before.

Expandable memory through an SD card
8 buttons to easily trigger your scenes
RJ45 port dedicated for external 5V triggers

Live and standalone operation

Art-Net and sACN

Remote communication via the network


  • Input USB 2.0 via Mini USB and Ethernet via RJ3 connector

  • Number of DMX Outputs Up to 1024 on 3 pin XLR (XLR5 optional)

  • DMX Modes 2×512 ,1024 or 512 in/out (PC + Stand Alone)

  • Internal Memory Yes, 4Mb (no SD card required)

  • External Memory SD card slot (accepts all FAT format, Class 10 SD, up to 256 GB)

  • Memory Capacity 20000 steps with 16 ch., 6000 steps with 512 ch., 3000 steps with1024 ch.

  • CPU 32-bit processor

  • Dimensions H: 38mm(1.49in) / W: 166mm(6.54in) / D: 97mm (3.82in)

  • Net Weight (interface) 0.2 Kgs (0.44 lbs.)

  • Gross weight (package) 0.41 Kgs (0.9 lbs.)

  • Power Input 5V to 24V DC, 0.5A max on DC connectors, 5V, 0.5A via USB

  • High Voltage Protection Yes

  • Housing Black with 4 mounting slots, ABS Plastic

  • IP rating IP40

  • Power / Consumption 0.3 ~ 0.5 W

  • Operating environment Indoor

  • Storage Keep dry

  • Operating Temperature – 25 to +70 C°

  • Certifications CE, RoHS

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