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MH-200 Hybrid Pro MKII

Powerful 200 Watt LED Moving Head.

The MH-200 Hybrid PRO MKII is a well-built and easy to handle all-rounder from Light-Inc. A powerful 200 Watt LED provides an impressive output. Thanks to the iris and frost, besides spot effects, it’s also able to create beam to wash effects.

The MH-200 Hybrid PRO MKII has a 200 Watt white LED from LumiEngin. In addition to being very bright, the lifetime of the fixture also increases exponentially. Due to less weathering caused by the heat of the lamp, other parts, such as the colours and the gobos, will wear less quickly in addition to the LED.
Accurate zoom range from 13- 27 degrees with a precision focus to enhance the look and feel of your projections.
A quick motorised iris for a broader range of effects and the addition to change your spot to a beam.
Within the fixture, there are an 8-facet circular and 6-facet linear prism which both can rotate to create stunning mid-air effects.

200 Watt White LED

Motorised Zoom and Focus

Motorised Iris

Two Prisms

  • Light source: LumiEngin 200W White LED

  • LED lifespan: 60000 hours

  • Dimmer: Smooth dimmer from 0-100%

  • Fixed gobo wheel: 7 gobos + open

  • Rotating gobo wheel: 7 gobos + open

  • Color wheel: 8 colors + open

  • Operation Mode: DMX 512, Stand-Alone

  • Two prisms: 6-facet linear + 8-facet circular

  • Motorised focus

  • Motorised zoom: 13 – 27 degrees

  • Motorised Iris

  • Frost